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Chicago Insurance Professionals is able to service all of your individual and small business insurance needs. Our skillful agents are trained in identifying risk and customizing insurance policies to meet the specific needs of each client. We know that all policies are not alike nor are the insurance companies that stand behind their policies equally strong. That is why Chicago Insurance Professionals represents the best companies in each risk class. This enables us to find the proper balance of protection and value that suits your individual case. Having a personal insurance representative will ensure that your coverage is adequate and the best possible price. Chicago Insurance Professionals will be able to manage all of your policies across several companies in order to produce the best coverage for the money.

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Just have an auto accident? Here's a guide with helpful information for when you really need it most.

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  Why Do Insurance Premiums Change?

The insurance premiums adjust for MANY reasons. Many of the costs that are covered by your insurance policy continue to rise. Therefore, the costs to the insurance companies are higher, and thus premiums adjust higher (INFLATION). For example, the cost to repair your car is higher (parts, labor, etc), the cost to defend you in a lawsuit is higher, the cost to cover your MEDICAL payments is higher, the cost to cover your lost wages is higher, etc. Even if you are a PERFECT driver these costs are still paid out if you are hit by someone who has no insurance or in a hit-and-run situation. The accident rate in your area could also affect the rates. Weather patterns can affect rates. The last few summers there have been thousands of claims for hail and wind damage to homes and cars.

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Understanding Your Auto Insurance

Great video by Travelers insurance about understanding your auto insurance. For a free policy review and quote please call 866-530-2477 Or visit  

Encompass ONE Policy offered by Chicago Insurance Professionals

The Encompass ONE policy offers ONE deductible, ONE annual term, and ONE policy for all your needs.   The Elite package also includes water/sewer back up coverage.  This is something most carriers charge extra for. Watch this short video to learn more. Please call us at 1-866-530-2477 for your free policy review.

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